Make Your Resume More Attractive

bigstock-Resume-concept-in-word-tag-clo-36414340-300x298What more do you need to write for a perfect resume and post it for you to get amazing response? It is better to write a resume for an internal job yourself in the right way and reap the benefits you want. You can only send a job resume when you have followed the protocol and use apt. If you are thinking that you should decorate your resume on colored paper and make it “look” attractive, I am sorry to say you that, it would not work. Recruiters are only interested in what you have to offer through your work experience and qualifications. When you make an accurate and to the point to resume upload resume distribution sites and get your resume posted on multiple sites in a jiffy!

Writing a resume is not so difficult but all what you have to do is That?s why cancer monthly horoscope are worth studying. write in point wise and it should not be preachy or bragging. Develop criteria only require description and make your professional profile suited to the needs asked. Online casino australia Write about your academic and professional knowledge and skills short and precise. While writing a resume go for OF-612 form to write and make sure that the title is always catchy and attractive. Among thousands of resume yours has to stand out from others. Use keywords like “Analyzer”, so that the entrepreneur develops an idea about their job profile and you get the call.

While writing a job resume for a job it must have a professional in approach and staccato. You must itemize your current and previous work experiences and also make good use of fixation techniques so that you can reach the specific employer. You never know what to expect in a competitive market opportunity in which you have to standout.



The most important element for any job seeker is their profile or resume or better known today as a Curriculum Vitae. With the evolution of technology, the mode of resume submission for every job seeker has evolved too. Today, more than 50% of organizations prefer having subscriptions to job portals to get easy access to over a million profiles from across the world.

Creating a profile on a job portal is as imperative as having a resume so that the employers can easily read the profile and understand the vital aspects fitting the job description. Now, if one is not careful in creating a good profile on a job portal it will lead to lesser hits on your resume and chances are that a prospective employer may miss your profile online. Here are some basic steps that one can follow while creating a good profile on a job portal.

  1. Heading: The heading on a job portal primarily means the brief description that you provide using appropriate keywords. You have to choose your keywords carefully so that prospective employers, when searching for profiles, get to see your profile amongst the first 10. For example, you can use Java Professional or Recruitment specialist or Human Resource professional as prime keywords in your heading section. This will help the recruiters to sort resumes based on preference and accessibility.
  2. Keyword Optimization: This can very simply be achieved by mentioning your core skills and highlighting them throughout your resume. Do not overdo the key words as then it would reflect against your professional image. You have to be careful while choosing your keywords as now a days Job portals work in a similar way as search engines, the ultimate purpose being finding the right candidate. With the increase of more and more employers opting for job portals, it is an absolute must for you to choose your words smartly.
  3. Complete all fields provided on the job portal: To gain more visibility among various employers you must complete all the fields provided on the portal such as qualification summary, work experience, duration of work and its nature, personal details, desired job details, skills, etc. This is will make your profile look professional and will help recruiters understand you better.

These are the basic methods of writing your profile professionally on a job portal. Do remember that it is important for you to maintain a systematic approach while writing a profile and use keywords that highlight exactly what you do, ensuring that it is in tandem with the rest of your profile.

Urgent Avp / VP / Relationship Manager

Should be handling clients with ticket size of INR 1cr. Should be managing a current book size / AUM of at least 80 cr. Formulate plans to acquire new HNI customers for increasing customer base of the portfolio.Must be an individual revenue writer

Role                       :-Head/VP/GM-Relationships
Role Catagory         :- Senior Management
Key skills               :-Avp Vp Client Handling Relationship Management wealth management account management client servicing business development

Functional Area       :-Accounts/Finance/ Business Analyst/CA/CS/Auditor/Taxation /Insurance

Industry Type         :- Accounting/Consulting/Taxation/Insurance/Banking/Financial Service/Stock Broking/Finance
Salary Range         :- Rs. 2000000 – 3000000 (P.A.)
Job Posted Date    :- 11/10/2014

Candidate Desired Profile
Experience           :- 9 – 14 Years.
Qualification         :- Any Degree

Employer Details
Mail details to

Organisation Name :- Workoid Consultants

Contact Person      :-                

Contact Numbers    :- 8860166766                             

Mobile Numbers      :- 8860166766


Address :- Not Mentioned

For More information please login


Executive Technical support is responsible for providing Technical Support to all users (Internal/External). The ExecutiveTechnical support has to ensure user should not get any Technical problems and if they face Technical problem thenExecutive Technical support has to close in minimum timeframe. Responsible for all type of S/W; H/W and NetworkingInstallation. Receiving complains of Technical problems from all users (Subscribers/BD team/Other departments) thruphone/email/personally; On receiving Technical complain Executive Technical support has to respond immediately overthe phone or via remote tools to solve their related Technical problems and if not solved then have to do visit call to solvethe problem within set timeframe. If the problem is related to third party (ISP/Vendor) then Engineer has to log complainto concern (ISP/Vendor) and has to follow up as per escalation matrix. Maintain set objective levels of solving callsInstallations o S/W Installations; Selling Platform; Proprinters; Products; Local scripts o H/W Installations; providedComputer Systems; Ticket printers; Hardcopy Printers; Networking o SARAL; Coordinate with BIS for circuit delivery;follow up with provider; Router Installations; Modem/Converter Installation; maintenance. o ISP; Ordering Broadbandcircuit to ISP; Coordinating with ISP for Installation; maintaining ISP records for local payments o LAN; Installation ofNetwork switch; Local networking; maintenance Has to done Selling Platform migrations; Mass Products deployments;Scripts Installations Logging and updating daily calls in AAMS Has to provide all miscellaneous reports required for therespective branch. Maintaining H/W inventory; have to ensure the physical H/W stock is match with AAMS records. Anyother tasks and duties as may be required by time to time Salary : upto 14K Gross Conveyance Reimbursements & mobilereimbursements Candidate must be comfortable in travelling Must have his own
Role                     :- Customer Support Engineer/Technician
Role Catagory      :- Technical Support
Key skills               :-Networking Modem RouterLan IspTechnical Support desktop wan os operating system troubleshooting software installationfield joboutlook

Functional Area    :- IT-Support, Telecom, Hardware

Industry Type       :- Computer Hardware/Networking/Office Automation Equipments

Salary Range        :- Not Mentioned

Job Posted Date    :- 29/09/2014

Candidate Desired Profile

Experience            :- 0 – 5 Years

Qualification          :- Any Degree

Employer Details
Amadeus India Private Limited, wholly owned by Bird Group, one of India”s largest travel conglomerates, has been a pioneer in providing a global platform to the Indian Travel industry by enabling access to state of the art travel automation technology.

Organisation Name :- Amadeus India Pvt Ltd

Contact Person  SHWETA
Contact Numbers  Not Mentioned
Mobile Numbers  Not Mentioned
Address  Not Mentioned

To apply visit

Social Media – An effective tool for Job Search

Changing times have also changed the way an organization reviews profiles and candidatures. Today with innumerable job portals and recruitment consultants present dime-to-a-dozen, it is important to use some out-of-the-box methods to hunt for the right candidates. This is the reason why social media has gradually started to become an important tool in job hunting.

Social Media is a key factor in job search processes today! Innumerable social sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. are great platforms for job searches and getting the right candidates. The increased use of these sites by different people across the world makes it easier for organizations to connect with candidates who are hunting for a job. This way an employer gets a feel of who you are outside the confines of a resume and gets to know you socially as well. Your presence on these varied social networks along with a concise profile update on these sites makes it even more appealing for employers to connect with you. Even for the prospective employees or job hunters, today many organizations post their jobs on these sites because there is a higher chance to get a hit than possibly through job portals in some cases.

It is advisable to keep your status and profile updated especially on a widely used professional networking site such as LinkedIn. Many companies use this as a good platform to connect with individuals and individuals use it widely to get to know their counterparts in the industry and the market know-how. Some reckon it be more effective to have a full LinkedIn profile than an updated resume on a job portal as the hit ratio has gone up over the years. With organizations posting jobs on this site and LinkedIn giving premium memberships on paid basis to access full profiles across the globe, this surely is an effective social media tool.

With an average of nearly 50% job seekers checking and updating their social status daily, it is easy to contact them through these advanced channels. Gone are the days when job seekers and employers were dependent on consultants and job portals only for good jobs. Yes, changing times have given way to changing methods and over the years these methods are going to grow.

Few steps to follow to make social media an effective tool for job searches-
- Always keep your profile updated
- Do not post inappropriate content about you or anyone else on your social sites because, remember, today companies scan through your social content too before making a choice of candidature
- Building stronger networks also helps you in the nascent stage of job hunting and will give you more chances of getting noticed by employers
- Participate in few news feeds or keep in touch with current happenings in the industry and the world in general, as they go a long way in showcasing your personality

Have fun job hunting and utilize social media adeptly!

Are White Lies on my Resume OK?

We all live in a very competitive world today and we strive in many ways to stand out of the crowd. Corporate work pressure is termed as the worst pressure of all, under current circumstances. Finding a job, keeping it and working towards making your place in the organization, all count for work pressure. To find our niche we sometimes tend to bend the truth a little, but is it OK to bend the truth while presenting your resume!

Bending the truth on a resume is commonly referred to as White Lies! So you think everyone lies on their resume; maybe not an audaciously massive lie like graduating from a different B-school rather than the one you have actually completed it from! But sometimes simple things like bumping your grades or mentioning something that you have achieved when you have not in reality, all count for small white lies on a resume. Today the employers are not only looking for long term employee-employer relationship but are also very careful while recruiting individuals in particular roles. Gone are the days when someone would refer a candidate and the work would be done and you would be hired. Today the employers like to know what you have been doing, are you a fit for the job and whether you have a balanced state of mind that is required for the organization. However, these things cannot be faked on a resume by simply adding things that you may have not done. Please remember employers have access to all kinds of information like educational credentials, confirming work experience by indulging in reference checks, etc. Hence it is better to keep your profile realistic and not add anything that you may not have done or achieved over the years.

Here are some pointers or examples of bending the truth or white lies on your profile:

  1. A freshman looking for a job tried to add a few things that he didn’t quite have knowledge about. Under language fluency he went on to add French and Spanish under languages he knew besides Hindi and English. Now during the interview, everything went on alright but in the last segment, one the interviewers ended up asking a question in French as he had mentioned it under a language he spoke and the candidate was dumb found as he did not understand the question asked. Now this simply could have been avoided by not mentioning this in your profile at all. These small lies do not create a very good impression on your prospective employer.
  2. A gentleman applying for a mid-career level position in a fairly medium sized company added a designation of Senior Team Leader as one of his promotions whereas he was actually an individual contributor with no people management experience. Now he assumed that it is OK to mention this small designation without highlighting too much of the job description as the company may not conduct a check since it was a medium sized company. Well he was mistaken, because the company did conduct a check and it turned out negative.

These white lies are not OK on your profile and create an unpleasant impression on a prospective employer. Honesty is the Best Policy and it is better to tell the truth than repent even a small lie later.
The most dangerous untruths are truths moderately distorted- Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Have a fantastic and honest Work Week ahead!

Indian outsourcing under lens after $45 million ATM thieve

india outsource jobsOutsourcing of jobs by global financial institutions to Indian shores has come under scanner, with the perpetrators of a $45 million worldwide ATM heist apparently breaching computer systems of a payment processing firm in India for their con job. According to charges filed by the US federal prosecutors here, eight persons have been indicted for participating in two worldwide cyberattacks culminating into a huge $45 million being withdrawn fraudulently from ATMs across the world in a matter of few hours earlier this year.

The modus operandi for the heist included hacking into computer systems of payment processing companies — one in the US and another in India — to compromise the account details of prepaid card account customers of two banks (one in the UAE and another in Muscat). This was followed by unlimited withdrawals from ATMs across the world. Continue reading

Indian Company Support 250000 United State Jobs

Citing the many contributions of immigrants to India, a leading us Thinktank has suggested that America must roll out the welcome mat to high-skilled staff to remain competitive and innovative.

While a lot of of the congressional immigration reform discussion is focused on a path to citizenship for eleven million illegal immigrants as well as some 260,000 Indian, a proposal by Senate’s ” Gang of Eight” specializing in skilled staff ” should attract broad support,” it said, describing it as ‘path to prosperity’. Continue reading

Australian insurer QBE shifts 100 IT jobs to India

IT JobsLeading Australian insurance firm QBE has reprotedly shifted a hundred IT jobs to india, consistent with the Finance Sector Union. Information Technology employees are the most recent casualties in QBE’s war on Australian employees, with a hundred IT jobs to be scrapped as a part of the insurer’s aggressive offshoring

agenda,” aforesaid a Finance Sector Union statement released recently. Continue reading

Vodafone Germany cuts 500 jobs, outsources to India

vodafone JobsVodafone Germany will eliminate 500 jobs by 2015 and re-asisgn the position to India and Romania, where it can hire cheaper labor. German-language newspapers RP Online and Frankfurter Allgemeine both reported the plans to cut jobs Tuesday, after obtaining copies of an internal letter written by Vodafone Germany CEO Jens Schulte-Bockum.

In the letter, Schulte-Bockum said the company could not afford high salaries in such a tough operating environment. Continue reading